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Contact management software started out as a way for individuals to create an electronic database of customers and business contacts. As companies have searched for ways to consolidate, streamline, and share customer information, client management software tools have greatly expanded in scope. Nowadays, contact management systems let people and businesses record and track customer, client, and supplier interactions, including emails, faxes, calendars, project- and sales-related documents, and more. 


  • Know every contact in your customer accounts. Access critical customer data including key contacts, communication history, and more — quickly and easily with Salesforce. You’ll get a complete picture of every customer, from social insights to campaign history, to deals they're involved in. 

  • Pull in social data for a deeper view of your customers. Tap into activity on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to get a good sense of what your customers are saying about your products or services. You’ll uncover valuable insights into your customers' issues, so you can proactively provide answers. 

  • Collaborate with people company-wide. Successful selling involves collaboration across the organization. Salesforce provides the power of social collaboration tools designed for business on every account and contact record, allowing you to share insights, relevant documents, and more. 

  • Prepare for customer meetings while on the go. Access all of the account and contact data you need to keep deals moving, from anywhere. The Salesforce1 Mobile App pulls in valuable social profile information from your accounts and contacts, giving you deep insights so you can walk into that important sales meeting with confidence.