SafeGuard Encryption

SafeGuard Encryption by Sophos Inc.

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption 7 introduces the most complete data protection solution on the market today, protecting data on multiple devices and operating systems. Whether your data resides on a laptop, a mobile device, or being collaborated upon via the cloud or other file sharing method, SafeGuard Encryption is built to match your organizational workflow and processes without slowing down productivity. 


  • Data Protection Everywhere
    Today’s users demand a wider and more unhindered access to company data: from mobile devices and home computers to USB sticks and the cloud. Sophos’ data protection solutions protect and encrypt all your devices and data without getting in the way.

  • Stay Compliant
    The simplified, central control offered by SafeGuard Enterprise helps you comply with data protection regulations and prevent data breaches.

  • Encrypt Data on More Platforms
    Now with new support for Windows 8 and 8.1, file and disk encryption on Macs, usability improvements and much more, SafeGuard Enterprise 7 is the complete data protection solution that keeps business data safe and compliant wherever it goes. Also, we extend access to encrypted data on the move from your mobile devices with our free Sophos Secure Workspace App.

  • Manage Native Device Encryption
    For the fastest, easiest and most reliable full-disk encryption, SafeGuard Enterprise takes advantage of the technology built into the operating system. Seamlessly manage keys and recovery functions on BitLocker- and FileVault 2-encrypted drives from the SafeGuard Management Center.