SafeCom Smart Printing

SafeCom Smart Printing by SafeCom UK

SafeCom’s products help simplify company printer infrastructures and streamline printing workflows. Direct results include reduced printing costs, increased document security, improved environmental credentials and a continuously productive print environment.   


  • Reduce costs and waste - With SafeCom you can save an astounding 40% on your print budget

  • Consolidate print infrastructure - SafeCom Smart Printing helps you consolidate and streamline your print infrastructure and achieve huge savings.

  • Secure Pull Printing - SafeCom Pull Print™ is a modern printing solution that safeguards document confidentiality and unauthorized access to print, scan, copy and e-mail functions. Its user-authentication provides air-tight security on your shared MFPs that function as personal printers.

  • Allocate and recover print costs - SafeCom Client Billing and SafeCom Pay make it easy to manage accounts and recover print costs.