S2K Manufacturing Management Software

S2K Manufacturing Management Software by VAI

S2K Manufacturing Software offers streamlined solutions that will address your company’s most pressing challenges. From managing daily operations to augmenting productivity over time, VAI's products ensure your business will stay at the forefront of innovation. When superior performance and cost savings are top priorities, VAI’s S2K Manufacturing Software promises effective results for the future of your business.


• Full integration with other PeopleSoft applications to create a complete manufacturing solution. 
 • Complete control over your complex product structures with virtually unlimited product structures. 
 • Complete management of your resources-crews, machines and tools. 
 • Instant access to essential operational information giving you total control of your operation. 
 • Flexible system design to enable you to mirror the way you do business in your production system. 
 • Multiple methods for releasing production IDs and schedules either online or from PeopleSoft Planning applications. 
 • Flexible issuing methods so that you can consume component materials used in production either directly or through backflushing. 
 • Automated flow of information and assignments to your team using work-flow. 
 • Subcontracting with ease to fully manage your production and your suppliers including cost, purchasing, and receiving information. 
 • Production cost visibility to automatically record and track production costs and variances to determine the cost of production. 
 • Integration to a document management system so you can securely manage and control your production documents. 
 • Electronic data collection integration and bar code printing on reports and labels. 
 • Dynamic reporting capabilities.