RTA Fleet Management

RTA Fleet Management by Ron Turley Associates

Over 1500 fleets use RTA's Fleet Maintenance system, the best solution for your fleet management needs. Designed by fleet professionals for the fleet industry, RTA's fleet management software is robust and flexible, offering inventory management and customization options for every industry


  • The RTA system allows you to track equipment PM schedules with the greatest of ease and a lot of flexibility to boot. Each piece of equipment tracked in the system can have over 250 different PM schedules if needed. You can even relate different PMs to each other to insure that when one service is completed the other related services are completed as well.

  • The RTA Fleet Management System includes a very robust Parts Inventory control system. With automatic reordering of parts as they are used through the Work Order system, it is virtually maintenance free.

  • Work Orders can be created easily and with a minimal amount of keystrokes, offering a quick and easy method to get the repair history entered for a piece of equipment.

  • As tires are tracked in the RTA fleet tracking system, mount and dismount transactions are stored for each tire, along with recapping history and eventually scrap history as well.

  • The RTA Fleet Management system includes a Fuel tracking system to help you keep track of one of your greatest fleet expenses. With gas prices reaching all-time highs of late – getting control of fuel costs is a critical aspect to good fleet operations.

  • The RTA Driver Reporting module takes the dread out of the process by allowing the driver to submit a VCR ticket electronically to the shop. This "kiosk" approach takes the guess work out of interpreting the VCR and what the driver is trying to describe. It also puts into a place a reporting mechanism from the Driver to Technician and then back to the Driver once the repairs have been done.

  • The RTA Fleet Management Software provides over 100 standard reports to help you operate your fleet. Each report has a set of “filters” that allows you to fine-tune the report to get just the data you are looking for.