RSA Archer Platform

RSA Archer Platform by EMC (RSA Aveksa)

RSA Archer GRC Platform: Software that supports business-level management of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). The Platform allows you to adapt solutions to your requirements, build new applications, and integrate with external systems without touching a single line of code.


  • Flexibility – Build and manage business applications with a point-and-click interface. Nontechnical users can automate processes, streamline workflow, control user access, tailor the user interface, and report in real time.

  • Unification – Use a common platform to manage policies, controls, risks, assessments, and deficiencies across lines of business. Ease system complexity, strengthen user adoption, and reduce training time.

  • Collaboration – Enable cross-functional collaboration and alignment among business users across IT, finance, operations, and legal domains in an integrated framework, using common processes and data.

  • Business workflow – Define and streamline business processes through the platform’s workflow capabilities.

  • Access control – Ensure data integrity and streamline the user experience by enforcing access controls to information that’s appropriate for each user’s role.

  • Mobile capabilities – Conduct audit, risk, and compliance assessments anywhere from your iOS mobile device.

  • Globalization – Use multiple local languages within the RSA Archer environment.