Riskturn by Riskturn Inc.

RISKTURN is an innovative cloud solution for risk-based cash flow planning. It presents a simple and intuitive interface to build probabilistic business forecast in just 5 steps. The powerful model integrates financial and time variables of uncertainty in a cash flow forecast. Then, running a Monte Carlo simulation, it delivers a number of highly valuable results are produced (probabilistic NPV, IRR, ROI, CFaR, VaR, sensitivity analysis, portfolio management). 


Riskturn is very intuitive, therefore accessible also to non-expert users. It has some unique functionalities such as the combination of financial and time variables. Also, it provides innovative analytics for the management of multi-projects portfolio from a risk-based approach.

Riskturn is dedicated to 3 categories of clients, with their related benefits:
Business developments functions in medium/large organizations (CFO, Senior Risk Managers, Business Planning Managers, Financial Managers, Financial Analyzers, Project Managers, R&D Managers), in order to have a better understanding and control over risk drivers impacting development projects. Riskturn Portfolio Management analytics help to define the optimal development strategy.
Financing institutions (Banks, Venture Capital, Development funds, Asset Management Companies, Governmental agencies), in order to perform a complete probabilistic risk assessment of the business plans they have to analyze.
Academic Institutions (Universities, MBA, Corporate Training,..) in order to teach probabilistic modeling and risk management applied on business planning, with a practical solution.