Ringtail Visual eDiscovery

Ringtail Visual eDiscovery by FTI Technology

Ringtail delivers a unique visual approach to document review and predictive coding that helps legal teams quickly and defensibly master projects of any size. Ringtail On Premise is designed for those who prefer the total control of a behind-the-firewall solution. Ringtail SaaS is the perfect choice for those who want the ability to control case set up and administration without having to manage a datacenter. Ringtail On Demand is a full-service solution that includes expert case set up, administration, workflow design and seamless online delivery. 


  • Ringtail delivers unmatched analytics, full processing to production capabilities and multiple deployment options to satisfy all of your review needs.
  • Easy to use visual analytics, concept clustering and advanced predictive coding help you find facts fast and accelerate case strategy development. No other platform can match Ringtail’s analytics capabilities.
  • From processing to review to production, Ringtail facilitates matters of any size and scope in a transparent, secure and repeatable manner.