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RightSignature™ by RightSignature LLC (Acquired by Citrix)

RightSignature is the simplest, most efficient way to get your documents signed. RightSignature enables you to close more deals in less time, reduce paper and ink expenses, avoid fax hassles, cut cycle time from weeks to hours, and impress your customers.


- True Technology Neutrality
Signers don’t need an account to sign, just an email address and any web browser. RightSignature is PC and Mac-friendly, with no downloads, no plug-ins, no hassle.

- Handwritten Signature
RightSignature’s exclusive signature pad enables the most realistic, wet-looking signature possible with online technology and produces a final document that looks just like it was signed with pen and paper.

- Type-to-Sign
With this option enabled, signers may select a handwriting-style font and type their names to create a valid e-signature.

- iPhone Mobile Signing
Parties sign documents on the go with the acclaimed RightSignature iPhone functionality that turns the touchscreen into a signature pad.

- iPad Tablet Signing
Parties fill out documents and forms on the brilliant iPad touchscreen and create an accurate biometric signature using a finger.

- Sign by Fax
Parties may sign basic documents by printing out a faxable signature page containing a unique barcode, signing with a pen, and faxing to a special RightSignature fax number.

- RightStep™ Instruction Bar
The real-time RightStep™ bar tells signers what they need to do next and includes clickable links to navigate straight to the next required action.

- NaviGuide™ Flag
The RightSignature NaviGuide™ is an interactive flag that moves up and down the document in real time, leading the signer to the next required field. It is the online equivalent of sitting with customers and pointing to the locations where they need to fill in information, initial, or sign.

- RightTrack™ Document Overview
The RightTrack™ tool shows signers an overview of the locations and density of required fields and where they are in the document package.

- Percentage Progress Meter
A live-action progress meter shows the percentage of required items completed, giving signers feedback and encouragement as they complete lengthy documents.

- Signer Guidance Help Text
Place a specific instruction next to a field to ensure signers complete the field as required. For example, “Please fill in your complete name, including middle name.

- Custom Branded Signing Webpage
Your company logo is displayed on the signing screen to reinforce your brand and professionalism throughout your customers’ signing events.

*Document Sending

- Common File Format Support
Upload documents in common formats, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, and more.

- Instant Processing and Previews
Documents are processed in real time, giving senders instant previews of document packages. Before clicking “Send for Signature,” users can be completely confident they are sending the correct versions of the documents.

- Multi-Party Signing
Multiple parties can be indicated as signers and/or cc’s on a single document. RightSignature accommodates spouses and relatives who share a single email address.

- Sequential Signing
In custom workflows, multiple signers may be designated to sign in a specific order. Intermediate document versions are generated after each signature.

- Expiration Dates
Document senders may specify expiration dates by which signers must execute the document. Automatic email notifications remind signers as the expiration date approaches.

- Merge Fields
Merge fields enable the sender to fill in text fields on the Send screen prior to sending a Reusable Template. The text is applied to the document before distribution.

- Custom Subject and Message
A custom document subject and message provides signers with a clear idea of the documents’ business purpose and any special instructions.

- Branded Emails
Emails sent to document signers indicate your company name in the email subject line (e.g. [ABC Corporation] Joe Smith has sent you Form A9 to sign). In addition, emails include a section to provide sender contact information.

- Secure Archive
The secure RightSignature archive contains all executed documents, with easy search and filtering tools.

- Two-Factor Tagging
A two-factor tag contains both a Tag Name and a Tag Value. These tags provide unlimited flexibility to describe, manage, and search the document archive using vocabulary and concepts specific to your business operations.

- Viewing Notifications
Senders receive notification when a party views but doesn’t sign a document, providing a well-timed indicator to follow up by email or phone to close the transaction.

- Signing Notifications
The sender and all signers are notified via email when a document is fully executed. A copy of the executed document in pdf form may be included in the email as an attachment.

- Administrative Dashboard
Account administrators may view document statuses and statistics on an account-wide basis or drill down to review the dashboards of individual users. In addition, administrators may add and remove users and configure account-wide settings.

- Performance Statistics
Detailed analytical statistics and color graphs empower management and supervisors to refine internal processes and workflows.

- Detailed Reports
Usage and user reports provide visibility into where and how your business is utilizing RightSignature. Reports are available for download in pdf format, and csv data exports allow for more granular analysis.

*Authentication and Security

- Secure SSL Data Encryption
Up to 256-bit encryption by VeriSign ensures the complete confidentiality of data in transit. Extended Validation displays the green verified address bar in end user browsers.

- Amazon Web Services Infrastructure
The world-class infrastructure of Amazon Web Services eliminates risks posed by private data centers and provides bank level security, reliability, and redundancy.

- SHA-1 Digital Fingerprints
RightSignature takes SHA-1 digital checksums of the document at all stages of the signing workflow to prevent any party from ever modifying terms of the document or challenging its digital integrity.

- Biometric Authentication
RightSignature’s proprietary algorithm identifies unique characteristics regarding the speed and timing of each party’s signature, strengthening the defensibility of executed documents.

- Webcam Photo Authentication
This optional feature enables signers to append a photo of themselves during the online signature event using a webcam or built-in camera on a laptop or iPhone.

- Multi-Factor Authentication Dossier
In addition to signature data, RightSignature assembles a proprietary dossier of information unique to each signer and signing session.

- Audit Log
For legal compliance, every action in a document’s lifecycle is logged and secured.

- Signature Certificate
Every executed document includes a RightSignature Certificate with court-admissible validity data, including the audit log and each party’s name, email, signature, IP address, and other identity information.