Revenue Results

Revenue Results by RevQ

Revenue Results will allow your government office (regardless of size) to collect delinquent receivables, by leveraging automated tasks and workflows. The use of automated work lists ensures your representatives always have accounts to work. Automated correspondence eliminates unproductive follow-up time. 


  • Taxes
    RevQ provides taxing authorities nationwide—from large state governments to smaller local governments — with debt collection software that simplifies all aspects of the collections process.

  • Higher Education
    Used by several Universities to manage student AR collections, Revenue Results provides ability to manage and track the collection due diligence process. Using Revenue Results you can setup the life-cycle of your collections process. Once it is set you can trust the system to manage it and use the built in reports to keep tabs on how things are going. Adjustments to the process are easily made by the user when fine tuning is required.

  • Courts
    RevQ has been providing debt collection software solutions to courts for over 20 years. From the very beginning, we've offered valuable features such as Victim Restitution, Tax Intercept and payment distribution and proration.

  • Centralized Collections
    RevQ’s products are specifically designed to be used in a centralized collections environment. Any number of accounts types can be setup so the various types of debts can be tracked and managed. Reporting can be done at the account type level or for the whole central collections department.