RES Workspace Manager & RES Automation Manager

RES Workspace Manager & RES Automation Manager by RES Software

RES Workspace Manager is a lightweight platform that allows you to manage every user’s workspace from a single console by separating it from the underlying infrastructure. As a result, changes to the infrastructure will not impact the user’s workspace. Desktop services like application, printers and data should be delivered based on the user’s situation or “context.” Whenever that context changes, the workspaces should dynamically adapt to that change as well. That means the user’s identity, location, device and moment in time should be the principles that you use to govern users’ access to IT services. 


  • Dynamic Configuration. Adaptive Security. Delegation and Compliance. RES Workspace Manager dynamically configures and secures applications, printers, personal settings and data in your centrally managed workspaces – independent of user profiles.

  • User Provisioning. - Task Automation. Delegation and Compliance. Users can request services and you can deliver them without the case-by-case intervention of IT people. This speeds up service delivery, reduces chances for human error, and frees up your IT resources so they can work on projects rather than have their time consumed with repetitive, daily operational tasks.