Reflexis Workforce Manager

Reflexis Workforce Manager by Reflexis Systems, Inc.

Reflexis Workforce Manager generates accurate labor budgets, forecasts, schedules, and reports, all while factoring in variables such as labor law compliance, employee skills and preferences, customer traffic patterns, and store workloads.

With Reflexis Workforce Manager, retailers can mitigate the risk associated with labor scheduling and create real-time visibility into customer traffic patterns. By rapidly generating labor schedules and decreasing the time that store managers have to spend in front of a computer, Workforce Manager gives them that time back to train store associates and provide customers with a more positive and consistent experience.

Popular add-ons include:

Mobility - Allows the use of smartphones and tablets with Reflexis solutions

 Advanced Analytics and Reporting - Simplifies the process of analyzing trends and exceptions in store data to gain insight into current business practices


  • Generate more sales while using labor dollars more effectively, leading to increased profitability and growth. 
  • Eliminate the frustration and drudgery of paper-based scheduling. 
  • Generate optimized schedules that are in compliance with labor laws, union rules, and work policies while respecting employee preferences, availabilities, and proficiency. 
  • Integration with Reflexis Time and Attendance allows real-time monitoring of key labor metrics and exceptions to ensure compliance