Reflexis Task Manager™

Reflexis Task Manager™ by Reflexis Systems, Inc.

Boost sales and cut costs by turning corporate retail strategy into store-level action with closed-loop task management. Reflexis task management software gives store managers, field managers, and corporate the ability to clearly plan and communicate objectives across the enterprise, optimize productivity throughout a variety of regions, and return the primary focus to their customers. Whether it’s introducing a new line of merchandise, running promotions, or conducting product recalls, task management solutions enable retailers to streamline communications and ensure consistent execution to drive your chain’s ability to turn a healthy profit and continue to grow. Task Manager gives your managers exactly the information they need, without being overloaded, so that they can get out of the back room more and into the store where they can make a difference.


1. Active control of every store, giving upper management the ability to consistently turn strategy into action 2. Streamline store execution with one clear channel of communication 3. Eliminate emails, voicemails, faxes, and 3-ring binders sent to stores 4. Provide real-time feedback and visibility of task compliance to field and corporate managers 5. Facilitate good tasks while eliminating bad tasks 6. Higher sales and improved performance