Redhat OpenShift

Redhat OpenShift by Redhat, Inc.

Trying to deliver more apps faster is often met by chronic productivity roadblocks. We believe the path to better IT efficiency and innovation lies in the cloud—via public Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) with OpenShift Online by Red Hat®, or private PaaS with Red Hat's award-winning OpenShift Enterprise.


  • Accelerate development and delivery: Let developers focus on what they care about most—application code—to speed development. Automate IT processes to streamline IT service delivery.

  • Use your infrastructure more efficiently: Across development, test, and production environments.

  • Give developers choice: Let them use the interfaces, languages, frameworks, services, clouds, elasticity, and infrastructure they know and love.

  • Offer multiple interaction models: This lets developers use a rich set of command-line tools, a powerful multidevice web console, or an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) like Red Hat JBoss® Developer Studio.