Working inside SAP, ReadSoft’s invoice processing software is the market leading SAP-certified solution to provide a start-to-finish workflow for automated invoice approval that communicates with SAP master data, the purchase order, and the goods received database – before the invoice is ever posted. 


  • Automatic posting for straight through processing.
  • Personalized, single point of entry for accessing all AP information.
  • Automated validation against SAP data.
  • Invoice Processing for SAP Check Boxes.
  • Automated posting of incoming invoices.
  • Constant visibility of invoice processing status.
  • Audit trail of all processes to ensure legislative compliance (such as SOX)
  • Works seamlessly with SAP systems, using standard SAP user interfaces.
  • Reduce AP costs by up to 80%.
  • Reduce invoice processing time.
  • Eliminate late fees and incorrectly paid invoices.
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts for on-time payments.