Domo [Re-seller]

Domo [Re-seller] by Business Technology Partners, LLP

Every organization faces critical challenges – from data inaccessibility and data overload, to trying to determine how to best utilize and collaborate around data to make decisions. Success is determined by how quickly and effectively these challenges are addressed. Answering business questions requires data from a variety of sources. And making sense of all that data requires time, know-how, and resources. When multiplied across your organization, the effect can be crippling.

Domo was created to solve these problems.

Domo is the first solution designed to empower everyone in the organization. It brings together the information you need in one place, enables real-time collaboration around live data, and delivers out-of-the-box and expertise and best practices.


DOMO brings your business and all its data together in an intuitive platform. With Domo, it’s easy to see the information you care about in one place and use it to make faster, better and more informed decisions.
  • Manual processes are automated.
  • Data management is streamlined.
  • Data stories are visualized.
  • Work is more collaborative.