R1 "ABS+PLA Model" 3D Printer

R1 "ABS+PLA Model" 3D Printer by ROBO 3D

ROBO 3D R1 3D Printer is the latest and greatest personal 3D Printer. Automatic Bed Leveling, Massive Build Volume, Amazing Quality, Unbelievable Price. An Assembled and Calibrated ROBO 3D R1 ABS + Multiple Material Capable upgraded model 3D Printer with custom 10x9 heat bed w/ Software and Getting Started Videos included! 


    Your new R1 ROBO 3D Printer comes installed with the brand new Hexagon All Metal Hot End that gives you the capability of printing with any material available. It goes up to 290c, which covers all materials in commercial circulation for 3D printing. Get more out of your 3D printer without overspending!

  • New Upgraded Linear Motion System
    We have spent a lot of time working on a new linear motion system to make our machine work much better and more consistently. After all, this is what a user should expect when 3D printing. We have made technically approved upgrades to the machine from an all axis perspective and changed the way the machine works, for the better! This will allow you to print consistently, with high quality, for a long time.

  • 100 Micron Resolution
    The new R1 ROBO 3D Printer easily reaches quality of 100 micron, much like that of machines that are thousands of dollars! Get a better priced machine like the R1 without sacrificing quality. It's as easy as clicking high quality in the software before printing and the machine will do the work. We want you to achieve precise results, therefore it is our job to make sure hardware, software, and firmware are aligned to give you high quality output. Our job is to help you print better without breaking the bank!