Quintiq Supply Chain Management

Quintiq Supply Chain Management by Quintiq Inc.

Our customers have the best supply chain managers. They keep inventory low and profits high. They maintain top levels of quality, performance and customer satisfaction. They streamline operations to reduce bottlenecks, minimize lead times and increase throughput. They react swiftly to minimize the impact of disruptions. They update supply chain flows and processes to meet changes in demand, capacity, customer requirements and business priorities. And they do it all with Quintiq.


  • Centralize planning for all operations including warehousing, production, logistics and sales
  • Generate strategic, tactical and operational plans and schedules from supply chain design and optimization to production and workforce scheduling
  • Incorporate all business regulations – including safety rules and labor laws – and constraints into your plans
  • Rework and reissue plans to reflect current reality (fluctuations in demand, over- or under capacity, etc.) even on the day of operations
  • Calculate the effectiveness and consequences of every planning action across your supply chain
  • Use defined metrics and established benchmarks to measure the benefits of every supply chain management decision