Quick Forge 3D Printing Services

Quick Forge 3D Printing Services by Quick Forge

QuickForge provide 3D printing and rapid prototyping services to various business sectors as well as consumers.


  • We use the HP Designjet 3D Color printer system, which has a maximum build area of 200x200x150mm.
    The Designjet 3D printer produces detailed, structural parts from a strong ABS plastic, suitable for real-world functional testing of prototypes, and as models for purely illustrative purposes across the boardroom table.

  • Our models are also suitable for small runs of specialised or customised parts in actual products; either in new products or as repairs to existing items.
    The Designjet 3D Color can print single-colour models in the following colours: Ivory, Grey, Blue, Olive Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Black"