Quest® One Identity and Access Management

Quest® One Identity and Access Management by Dell inc.

Identity Manager streamlines the access governance process of managing user identities, privileges and security enterprise-wide. It moves user management and access control away from IT capabilities and into the hands of the business. By leveraging an automated architecture, Identity Manager simplifies major identity and access management (IAM) tasks to a fraction of the complexity, time or expense of “traditional” framework solutions.


  • Access governance
    Enables you to understand what is in your environment and who has access to it, while providing employees with only the appropriate access necessary to perform their jobs

  • Visionary architecture
    Helps you make implementing an identity access management solution a streamlined, business-optimized and rapidly deployed configuration process by eliminating the typical barriers associated with adopting an IAM framework solution

  • Automated provisioning
    Automatically provision to any system, platform or application using configuration rather than customization. You can deploy the solution and receive value within months rather than years•Self-service lifecycle identity management - An intuitive “shopping cart” interface enables your non-IT users to provision accounts, physical assets and control access rights and permissions

  • Complement existing investments
    Enables you to make the most of multiple best-in-class IAM solutions with support for other systems, including “traditional” IAM frameworks, for a single, consistent IAM strategy

  • Business process management
    Helps to maximize your organizations’ security and compliance while eliminating common IAM inefficiencies and redundant processes by enabling you to create workflows and attestations based on your business and policy needs

  • Compliance-ready IAM stance
    Enables you to address the cause of problems instead of the symptoms. Helps you achieve and maintain compliance with ongoing governance, using your own security policies by providing you with complete visibility into identity and access management