Quatrix by Maytech.net

Quatrix by Maytech provides simple one step web based file sharing for end users with enterprise-level controls, empowering IT to enforce compliance, data protection and information security policies through granular administrative controls and a full audit trial.

Quatrix is also white labelled to fully integrate with your brand and corporate identity.

Files are securely shared over HTTPS and protected at rest using AES-256 encryption which is suitable for most business workflows.

Free trial is available for 14 days. 


Quick and easy to use
Simple to set-up and use, with automated actions including notifications.

Central administration
Easy administration access across your company with compliant file sharing wherever you are in the world.

Unlimited and reliable transfers
Dependable software that ensures successful HTTPS file transfers of any size.

Branded integration
Branded software solution that fits with your business website and integrates with current email systems such as Outlook.

Enhanced security
A comprehensive file and folder management suite with:

  • Video, image and document previews
  • User provisioning and management including setting roles, permissions and folder visibility
  • Logging, reporting and audit trail functions

Want to find out more about Quatrix?

Try it out for yourself with free 14-day trial.