Quadrant by Webtech Wireless

Webtech Driver Centerâ„¢ is a software application designed to help drivers improve efficiency and remain compliant with FMCSA and DOT regulations. It operates on the powerful Android platform and is available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 consumer tablets and the portable in-cab MDT 3500 and the mounted  in-cab MDT 3200. The Webtech Driver Center application is a feature rich solution that offers Hours of Service, Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, forms and much more. 


  • Electronic Hours of Service
    Comply with US FMCSA DOT and Canadian regulations by monitoring HOS automatically. Save time and avoid inaccuracies by eliminating the use of paper logs with an electronic on-board recorder Electronic Logging Device (ELD) technology, formally known as an Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR).

  • Automate Inspections with eDVIR
    Meet regulatory compliance by electronically submitting driver vehicle inspection reports. Dispatch can access information in real-time and drivers can replace paper logs with the power of touchscreen technology.

  • Messaging
    Improve driver safety by decreasing the use of cell phones. Drivers can effectively communicate with dispatch with a two-way messaging feature.

  • Electronic Forms
    Automate record keeping and business processes with customizable electronic forms.

  • Third Party Integration
    The flexibility and versatility of the Webtech Driver Center application allows for easy configuration with dispatch software systems and third party applications you may already be using.

  • Vehicle Maintainence Center
    Pro-actively schedule maintenance for brake inspections, engine oil changes, transmission oil changes, insurance renewals or any other maintenance procedure and eliminate downtime in your fleet operations.