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The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making. QlikView’s associative experience provides answers as fast as you can think up questions. These agile business intelligence tools let you interact with data without limitations, to generate insight in ways you never imagined. Use visualized business intelligence and analytics dashboards to present data in digestible ways, for actionable results. 


  • Empower Business Users: QlikView’s business intelligence solutions make the results of data warehousing and subsequent data mining as quick and easy as typing a query. Agile BI solutions allow creative use of assets and “real-time analytics,” as well as stunning data visualization, for analytical processes that can impact short-term and long-term decision making, in a good way.

  • Enable IT Pros to Deliver Self-Service BI: QlikView lets IT deliver a complete self-service business intelligence experience, serving the business like never before – all while assuring strict data security, quality, and governance. Crunch big data confidently, with ad-hoc analysis and other functionality built into a platform that allows a business to get a handle on performance management, individual business processes, or anything else that can be managed through metrics, predictive analytics and benchmarking.

  • Make Life Easier for BI Pros/Developers: QlikView makes it easy for business analysts and developers to create cutting-edge BI tools and BI applications that users can enhance and extend as business needs change. Let experienced people build their own BI software for customized platform options that work directly for your enterprise. Learn more about your ability to make business intelligence functions “from scratch” with a platform that promises a more transparent and streamlined future.