QAD Enterprise Applications
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QAD Enterprise Applications by QAD

The company’s product suite is called QAD Enterprise Applications (known as MFG/PRO prior to 2007). QAD Enterprise Application is designed to streamline the management of manufacturing operations, supply chains, financials, customers, technology, and business performance. QAD Cloud ERP is marketed as software as a service (Saas) using cloud computing.


  • Simple track and trace for any component from supplier lot to end customer using the lot trace workbench
  • Capture material and production data, and print labels according to manufacturer, supplier and/or customer formats to improve material transaction effectiveness
  • Provide your planners and schedulers with simultaneous visibility to plans, schedules and all supporting data, and enable control and collaboration across the production and materials planning space
  • Establish quality processes that comply with government regulations and industry requirements
  • Streamline business processes to eliminate waste and improve quality, manage just-in-time inventory with integrated Kanban
  • Rapidly manipulate schedules and simulate results before confirming changes to the schedule
  • Manage trade sales, container and line charges, supplier shipping schedules, customer sequence schedules and accounts receivable self-billing
  • Manage planned and unplanned equipment maintenance, including calibrations, procurement of MRO inventory and capital asset project costs