Public / Hybrid / Private Cloud Storage

Public / Hybrid / Private Cloud Storage by Nirvanix

As the leading provider of enterprise-class cloud storage services, Nirvanix is the only company that offers variable deployment options under its CloudComplete™ portfolio – public, hybrid and private cloud solutions – to precisely meet your business needs. Enterprise cloud storage gets you off the storage system and tape silo never-ending buy, maintain and upgrade spending-cycle and enables you to immediately start taking advantage of usage-based pricing and the elastic flexibility of the cloud. 


  • Flexibility: Keep your business critical data or data with low latency requirements close to the point of consumption while still having the ability to replicate your data between your Hybrid Nodes or to the Cloud Storage Network. Nirvanix Hybrid Cloud Storage is the only solution available today that gives you this level of flexibility, all fully managed within your datacenter.

  • Efficiency: You have the ability to shift data closer to the point of utilization optimizing workflows and increasing the efficiency of your organization.

  • Scalability: Nirvanix Hybrid Cloud Storage enables petabyte-sized scaling of storage in a single location and the federation of multiple nodes within or between your datacenters.

  • Turnkey Service: Though a Hybrid Cloud Storage solution is within your data center, Nirvanix fully manages the solution. This includes hardware/software installation, upgrades, maintenance, incident/ticketing management, release management, 24x7 monitoring, alerting, and expansion.