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pTools by pTools Software

pTools is a powerful enterprise document and web content management software applications suite. In addition to core applications for Web Content Management, Document Management and Forms, pTools contains a range of components which include: Workflow & Audit Trail, Digital Asset Management, Content Certification, Payment Gateway, User Management, SharePoint Connector, CRM Foundation Connector, Policy & Procedures Management, Social Media Management, Personalisation, and Membership Management.


  • pTools System6 and Content Delivery Network (CDN) embraces new Cloud computing services, while maintaining the rich capabilities that customers have come to expect and guaranteeing integration with traditional network and on-premise implementations.

  • pTools WCM software delivers powerful intranet, extranet and Internet solutions for critical business initiatives by combining ease-of-use for non-technical personnel, with rich feature functionality to guarantee value driven results for you, your organization and your customers.

  • pTools DM provides enterprise-grade document management features allowing customers to manage business documents with version control (check-in/check-out), validated audit trail and version history, standardized metadata and approval features designed to ensure compliance with security and role-based policies and procedures.

  • pTools LCM software enables enterprises to create, manage and deliver online learning information more effectively, reduce costs through self-service, improve knowledge management and manage communications with learning content providers, learners and staff.

  • pTools Forms integrates online and downloadable forms with pTools WCM functionality in a single user interface. Online Forms can be generated, presented, fulfilled, signed and delivered in a highly secure, easy-to-use environment.