Prophet Premium Edition

Prophet Premium Edition by Avidian Technologies, Inc.

Prophet Premium Edition gives you an easy contact and sales management system to grow your sales within the same email/calendar/contact manager you already use – Outlook. Tired of complex CRM systems that you won’t use. Get an easy intuitive CRM system that looks and feels like Outlook, add sales automation with automatic follow ups and start to close more deals right away.


  • Prophet CRM is designed for agility and allows for easy automation of repetitive sales tasks that gives reps a chance to focus on what really matters: closing deals.
  • Prophet sales automation features make sales teams more efficient by reducing repetitive tasks and notifying sales when to follow-up.
  • Prophet workflows automatically execute specified Outlook activities at designated sales stages, saving the time required to keep track of when to follow-up with a specific opportunity.
  • Workflows not only unburden teams from keeping track of many different follow-ups and nudges, but also prevent sales opportunities from slipping through the cracks. Sales teams never forget when and what to do next to close a sales opportunity.