Prognoz Analytics
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Prognoz Analytics by JSC PROGNOZ

Prognoz offers a series of all-purpose products designed to derive value from any kind of data. Built-in tools for data collection, warehousing, visualization, and analysis enable you to meet a variety of challenges in virtually any industry.


- Data Portal *Access extensive data in the cloud on national and global economies *Search, visualize, and analyze data with user-friendly tools *Receive automated daily data updates - World Economic Forecasts *Collect and process country macro data automatically *Monitor and forecast socioeconomic development indicators *Compare economic development levels across countries  - Executive E-Office *Access up-to-date online information on the current status and future development of an organization and its branches, as well as its industry, country, and regional economy *Manage business processes from your PC or mobile device  - Statistical Data Management *Work with large sets of statistical data and metadata *Collect and validate indicators automatically *Monitor and analyze statistical data, and generate reports - Prognoz Learning Solution *Compile a dictionary of e-courses and training programs *Assess user knowledge on an automated basis *Observe the international e-learning standards SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004