Procurement Management Software

Procurement Management Software by SunSmart Global

Procurement management software from SunSmart Global is used to automate the workflow of purchasing raw materials and maintaining the inventory of goods.  Procurement management software generates the purchase orders, execute the ordering process online, matching invoices to material received, and pay the bills through electronically.  Its main features include integrated process workflow, centralized vendor management, routing and approval.  Benefits for using this software in organisation such as ease of administration and potential long term savings. Implementation of this Procurement Management software allows the procurement managers to control the vendors through wider organisation.  Our Sunsmart established this service since 2005 and customers got satisfied with our services.  For more details, visit our website @


  • Multi-Currency, Multi Country, Multi Language, Multi Tenancy (Company) Architecture
  • Responsive Design with Mobile Apps for accessible across devices with any operating system
  • Seamless Integration with existing ERP Systems
  • Available on Cloud / On Demand / SAAS Subscription Model with maximum security measures
  • Business Dashboard with Business Intelligent Graphical analytics
  • Enterprise Workflow Foundation – Define your own approval process
  • Economical, Just In Time (JIT) Procurement – Savings, Faster Purchase & Improved Purchase Power
  • 100% Audit Trail
  • Highly Configurable and Fastest GO Live.