PrintReleaf Exchange[PRX]

PrintReleaf Exchange[PRX] by print releaf

PrintReleaf Exchange [PRX] integrates with your company's existing print software to measure your paper consumption in realtime and automatically releaf your paper footprint to reforestation projects across the planet. 


  • Measure your paper footprint and forest impact over time.
  • Paper consumption data is automatically updated and converted to trees using the Print Releaf Standard.
  • Explore our network of global reforestation projects and browse project profiles.
  • Select your favorite projects, and your footprint will automatically be releafed at those locations.
  • Track the progress of your trees from planting to verified survival over an 8-year period.
  • This process is administered by SGS, a leading international forestry auditor, to guarantee the survival of trees planted by our reforestation partners.