Praxis EMR
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Praxis EMR by Infor-Med Medical Information Systems, Inc.

The philosophy behind the Praxis EMR electronic medical records platform is that no two doctor’s offices are alike, and EMR software needs to be customizable and versatile in order to support today's healthcare industry. By bringing this innovative approach to health record management, this EMR system is supporting healthcare providers in key ways.  One way to describe the utility of Praxis EMR as a cloud-based EHR and EMR system is as a self-learning resource. By accumulating and presenting data, Praxis EMR can help doctors to look at real trends and establish the commonality of various kinds of presentations. By using this intuitive software, doctors can figure out how to most efficiently document common cases, and how to tackle the more rare cases that emerge in their offices.


  • Praxis EMR’s “concept processor” is connected to professional resources for dictation that will eventually help clinicians to work more efficiently and make fewer errors.
  • Praxis EMR software does not work on the basis of templating. The proprietary design supports compliance with meaningful use standards, helps optimize reimbursements, and helps to automate some key parts of clinical workflows including communications around nursing tasks. All of this simply makes clinical work flow more smoothly, while also supporting the “paperwork side” of a provider office, and giving more transparency to records after they are stored away.
  • As a leading EMR EHR system, Praxis EMR can help with medical billing and much more. To understand the power of a modern practice management tool that doctors can use to work with a billing service, figure out market share, or generate information for a patient portal that will allow people to be more hands-on about their help, talk about pricing and functionality for this EMR solution and get services from a trusted EMR vendor that innovates in the health care field.