Powtoon by Powtoon Limited

Every business needs to convey their message and benefits in an attention grabbing and engaging way. The added level of abstraction created by using cartoons allows a viewer to experience benefits of using a product before they ever laid hand on it. The process of creating an animated presentation of your product or service has - until now - been a cost and time intensive process (starting at $2,000 and going up to $25,000 for a 90 second animated presentation). PowToon is disrupting this space by providing marketers and businesses with the tool and marketplace to create their own awesome Powtoons.


* Impress your audience with

- Stunning templates
- Quick and easy-to-use
- Embed video

*Explain, convert and captivate with ANIMATED PRESENTATIONS

- Easily customizable
- Looks totally professional
- Thousands of props and styles