PowerDMS™ by PowerDMS

PowerDMS™ organizes policies and procedures online, allowing you to write and distribute crucial documents collaboratively, message employees and capture signatures. PowerDMS™ is a fully-customizable solution to your employee training needs. 


  • Save time and money by taking learning online.
  • No more struggling to find the resources and payroll or dealing with scheduling hassles to get your employees trained on your organization’s crucial documents.
  • PowerDMS™ lets students take courses independently and learn at their own pace without an instructor. Face-to-face classrooms can be a thing of the past—freeing you up for more important tasks.
  • PowerDMS™ allows you to assign, track and award certificates inside one application. Attach certifications to courses and assign users to earn them.
  • You can even assign and award multiple certificates at once. Blend online and on-site instruction while tracking total course expenses for training ROI at a glance.