Pomodo Inventory Management

Pomodo Inventory Management by ADI Business Solutions

Pomodo Software is modular and built to be a scalable solution. We don't believe that "one size fits all" when it comes to smart software for business, so our Pomodo Tech Software modules allow you to choose only what you need and expand your solution as your business grows!


  • Customize
    Pomodo Cloud puts the power in your hands with unlimited user-defined custom fields.

  • Integrate
    Pomodo Cloud integrates to shipping services, accounting programs, and eCommerce solutions.

  • Be unique
    Pomodo Cloud offers unique features for vertical markets. Choose your option. Pomodo Cloud offers three options: On-premise solutions, cloud-based solutions, and hybrid desktop options that connect to the cloud.

  • Be flexible
    Pomodo Cloud software is modular and allows for flexible pricing options.