PolicyPort Suite

PolicyPort Suite by Focus Technologies, LLC

Focus Technologies’ PolicyPort is a comprehensive suite of insurance core systems, delivered in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model.  Our clients get the benefit of robust software functionality, while reducing the infrastructure costs and headaches associated with the traditional on-premise installation model.  Our cloud-based model eliminates the need for clients to perform downloads, upgrades or installs. Subscribers have access to the latest versions and advancements as soon as they are released.


  • Increased agent ease-of-doing-business. Benefits include fast quick-quote and application process, easy access to customer service functions, as well as book-of-business and transaction reports at their fingertips.

  • Real-time application of Smart Underwriting criteria during Point-of-Sale process. Producers get instantaneous feedback on capacity availability and acceptability of risk, saving them time and money, which ultimately results in increased loyalty.

  • Grow the business while reducing underwriting expenses. Smart Underwriting features and built-in integration to suppliers of underwriting decision support data, allow automated acceptance and issuance of profitable risks, freeing underwriters to focus on exceptions.

  • Replace manual quote, application, and endorsement processes with automated workflows performed by agents. This functionality allows organizations to increase operational efficiency and accuracy, reduces quote-to-issuance cycles, and allows insurers to grow their business without incurring a corresponding increase in staff headcount and cost.

  • Reducing the initial and recurring out-of-pocket investments in favor of the predictable payments inherent in PolicyPort Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Users can take advantage of award-winning PAS software with predictable cash flow requirements, which help avoid budget over-run scenarios.