Platform by Clearleap

Clearleap is the first company to explicitly combine the best and most salient benefits of the traditional world of professional video processing and distribution — quality, control, tracking, security — with the modern web and cloud — flexibility, massive scalability, redundancy, rapid innovation and updates, and the ability to ride commoditization trends for IP transport and storage. 


  • Clearleap’s best in class, cloud-based IP video platform enables a full-featured media management, processing, and distribution system, as well an end-to-end back office & IP streaming solution that simplifies and accelerates the delivery of “TV Anywhere” services for television service and content providers.

  • The Clearleap platform is deployed across dedicated secure space in hosting facilities in Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles, which provide highly reliable network connectivity and redundant power needed for carrier class support of service. The system employs multiple, secure instances of the core components, distributed and replicated across racks and data centers, which insulates the system against both component and facility failure.