Pivotal Greenplum Database

Pivotal Greenplum Database by Pivotal Software, Inc.

Insight from Big Data is essential to business today. Predictive analytics of high volumes of data can make the difference between a profit or a loss, save lives, or predict the weather. Pivotal Greenplum® Database is a purpose-built, dedicated analytic data warehouse designed to extract value from your data. 


  • manages, stores and analyzes terabytes to petabytes of data in large-scale analytic data warehouses around the world
  • your organization can experience 10x, 100x or even 1000x better performance over traditional RDBMS products
  • extracts the data you need to determine which modern applications will best serve customers in context, at the right location, and during the right activities using a shared-nothing, massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture and flexible column- and row-oriented storage
  • leverages fully parallel communication with external databases and Hadoop to continually harness data
  • your enterprise can rapidly develop deep analytics using preferred toolsets and languages that your team already knows, including SQL, Python, Ruby, and Java