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Pipeliner by Pipelinersales Inc.

From the very beginning, Pipeliner has been designed to empower salespeople, something that is reflected in the remarkable number of salespeople who actually enjoy using it. Pipeliner is instant intelligence, visualized--for salespeople, sales management and anyone else who needs it. To keep pace with today’s hectic sales landscape, Pipeliner is totally flexible, instantly customizable to a company’s sales process and tasks.


  • Instantly grasp priorities and what needs to be done in one view
  • Track, Manage and analyze your Opportunities and your Sales Pipeline in one screen
  • Activities can be set to be suggested automatically as opportunities are moved from one stage to another
  • Easily set up multiple processes for your business, all sharing a single database 
  • Discover how reps or teams compare to one another
  • 1-click reporting available from virtually any Pipeliner view
  • Powerful pre-set and customizable management reports for forecasting and analysis
  • Pivot table capability allows you to combine and compare multiple data sets
  • Pipeliner Dynamic Target always keeps users focused on the goal