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Periscope Data by Periscope Data

Periscope Data enables analysts to transform their SQL queries into interactive dashboards, charts and reports for data consumers with frequent data needs. 

Periscope Data's breakthrough data warehouse infrastructure quickly connects to your databases to offer blazingly fast query processing with low overhead.

Unlimited users and no query limits remove workflow barriers and promote data literacy across your entire organization.


Periscope Data is Business Intelligence software that allows users to keep data in one interactive dashboard. Functionalities include dashboards and scorecards, data warehousing, data mining and predictive analytics, a query and report writer, and performance management.

Periscope Data allows users to update dashboards in real time and automatically notifies those with permissions. The system allows for unlimited users so the whole company can potentially have access to important data and information about the business.

The software offers integrated charting that will create visuals for the data stored in the dashboard. Users can choose from multiple graph options as well as create custom visuals. Cross-database joins are possible by enabling the Periscope Cache, which is a high-performance cloud data store.

The system is deployed through the web and is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems as well as handheld devices such as tablets.

  • Crafted for SQL experts - Our Editron SQL Editor was built by experts, for experts. Query revision history, autocomplete, formatting, and universal syntax helpers will help you go from query to answer in seconds. Improve your workflow and team collaboration with SQL Snippets and Views. Store frequently used code to a common library with Snippets or reuse entire queries with Views.

  • Sharing that’s effortless - We know you don’t work in a bubble. We don’t either. Email dashboards, sharing in Slack channels and embeds make it easy.

  • All your data in sync, and in one place

  • Stop waiting for queries - The Periscope Database Cache utilizes a distributed architecture with columnar storage for rapid data retrieval. Our data scientists and engineers are Amazon Redshift specialists with years of experience pushing the limits. 

  • Security is our Top Priority - We know security is important to you and we take it seriously. We are SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. All database connects are over SSL with JDBC.