PeopleFluent Performance Management
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PeopleFluent Performance Management by PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent’s Performance Management allows you to align your workforce to corporate objectives, evaluate individual performance and measure organizational results. This complete performance management system provides easy-to-use yet highly effective tools such as goal management, performance appraisals, competency and skill assessment, talent profiles, development activities, mobile performance management, anytime-anywhere feedback, calibration grids, reporting and analytics, and multi-rater / 360 review functionality. With PeopleFluent’s Performance Management solution, you can improve business results, develop employees and retain key staff by aligning, establishing and measuring employee performance on a continuous basis.

PeopleFluent also provides PeopleFluent Compensation. PeopleFluent Compensation provides a comprehensive, full cycle compensation solution that addresses Total Rewards, and when combined with PeopleFluent Performance, pay for performance. PeopleFluent Compensation enables full visibility through reporting, analytics, budget planning and pay and compensation statements.


  • Give Collaborative Feedback - PeopleFluent Performance Management software makes giving continuous, collaborative feedback a simple step for your people. With mobile feedback and easy recognition, coaching becomes more accessible for busy colleagues, while 360º and multi-rater review turn appraisals into richer development tools.
  • Know & Develop Your People - PeopleFluent's Performance Management system delivers a uniquely individualized performance management experience for your people. A social media-like interface serves as a basis for growth, linking to competencies and career development actions that make internal paths clearer and more personalized.
  • Configure to Fit Processes - You know what works best for your organization – ensure that your system fits that process. PeopleFluent Performance Management software is a highly-configurable solution designed to fit, administer, and simplify your own enterprise performance management strategies with ease.
  • Align Your Workforce - Show your people what they’re working toward. Robust goal setting options and collaboration tools like embedded video can connect the dots from the top down, creating tangible transparency between managers, employees, and the business.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions - Don’t leave important insight in a spreadsheet. PeopleFluent’s embedded analytics and dashboards make performance data exploration simple and actionable, so you’re getting the full picture of your performance data in useful context.
  • Engage with the PeopleFluent Mirror™ Suite - As part of PeopleFluent’s Talent Management Mirror, you’ll have an easy-to-use toolkit for ongoing performance evaluation, coaching, and career development. Only PeopleFluent has a complete, integrated performance management solution that supports your process and offers the media and collaboration capabilities to make those processes tangible and transparent for your people.