Pentaho Data Integration
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Pentaho Data Integration by Pentaho Corporation

Pentaho’s complete data integration platform delivers “analytics ready” data to end users 15X faster with visual tools that reduce time and complexity. Instead of coding in SQL or writing MapReduce Java functions, organizations can immediately gain real value from their data, including from multiple sources like Hadoop, NoSQL and relational data stores, by using an easy to use graphical designer.


  • Pentaho provides easy access, exploration and organization of all data sources, including Hadoop, NoSQL and relational databases -- for consumable and actionable analytics. 
  • Pentaho’s out-of-the-box data standardization, enrichment and quality capabilities deliver information to 3rd party applications in the shape and form most-suited for those applications. 
  • With broad connectivity to any data type and a high performance in-Hadoop execution option, Pentaho makes it easier and faster to integrate existing databases with new sources of data.