Pega CRM
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Pega CRM by Pegasystems Inc.

Pega CRM is a set of social CRM solutions aimed at facilitating better customer relationships and driving a business forward.


  • Pega CRM allows companies to put in place a system to glean business intelligence from everyday behaviors and interactions. Using metrics like customer satisfaction, companies can better understand the customer experience, and the behaviors and histories of the people that they do business with. This can help with lead generation and deal-making and other parts of a sales process. Companies use these kinds of customer relationship management tools to enhance the sales funnel and empower sales staff in the field.

  • With Pega CRM, there's a particular emphasis on business process management. Use Pega BPM CRM features to control and craft a business process in a way that makes sense to customers. Look at each business process or business rule through the prism of self-service business intelligence tools, and get analytics on your site with one of the best CRM solutions.

  • Benefit from a system with visual dashboards and other features built for improving the customer experience and charting a path for growth. Consider how these types of social CRM applications can influence things like e-mail marketing, social media marketing, websites and corporate digital platforms. Let Pega CRM work for you to bring a business squarely into the 21st century, and empower sales teams to do their work in a new way.