Pega BPM Services

Pega BPM Services by Pegasystems Inc.

Pegasystems’ BPM platform business has been growing at twice the rate of the overall BPM market in large part because the Pega BPM suite enables users to achieve their business objectives more quickly and efficiently than competing platforms. By using open standards-based APIs that facilitate easy integration with existing IT infrastructures; by delivering industry-specific solution frameworks that accelerate the creation of high-performance enterprise applications; and by automating coding so that business users can create and improve business processes with minimal assistance from technologists, the Pega business process management suite speeds our customers’ return on investment. 


Pegasystems delivers expert business process management services to support all phases and facets of your BPM project: 
  • Design review 
    Pegasystems’ business process management services team can help you get your BPM project off on the right foot with a thorough review of your application design. Working side-by-side with your project team and leveraging best-practice design principles, Pega BPM services staff will provide valuable feedback on both your design and your design process.

  • Usability review 
    No matter how well-designed an application is internally, and no matter how powerful the underlying business process management system, the application won’t live up to its potential if your user interfaces are not meeting the needs of end users. The Pega business process management services team will review your UIs from the user perspective and help you identify ways to improve the user experience and increase user productivity. 

  • Transition readiness 
    Before you launch, Pega business process management services professionals will help you test your application, tune it, and prepare it for deployment. We’ll also work with you to assess your organization’s readiness to utilize the application. 

  • Performance check-up 
    Once your BPM application has been up and running for six months to a year, Pega professional services can evaluate your application’s performance to see whether you’re getting your maximum possible return. Detailed analysis and feedback from Pega business process management services personnel can help you to fine tune your application and to optimize future applications as well. 

  • BPM methodology coaching 
    Pegasystem’s veteran BPM experts can coach your team on all the nuances of implementing an iterative and agile BPM methodology that best leverages the robust capabilities of your Pega BPM platform.

  • Centers of excellence creation
    Many leading companies are creating BPM-focused Centers of Excellence to drive BPM implementations across the enterprise. Pega professional services can help you with all aspects of launching a BPM Center of Excellence, including strategy development, infrastructure creation, and building of a BPM knowledge base.