PCRecruiter by Main Sequence Technology, Inc.

From single-user firms to multi-branch, multi-national operations, PCRecruiter offers the critical functionality to model the key records:  Names, Jobs, Groups, and the events that connect them together for the core processes of marketing, assessing, recruiting, presenting, monitoring, and re-use of work product. With a Microsoft technology orientation (but use of best of breed open systems as well), PCRecruiter slots well into almost any technical environment and technology experience level.   


  • Hiring process becomes simple and effective. This software is designed to help you complete the entire recruitment procedure without a hitch.
  • Help you to organize your recruitment process and monitor applicants throughout the selection process.
  • Allows you to streamline the entire hiring process without breaking your bank. In fact, many companies have adopted this process since it enables them to make savings on the recruitment process.
  • it reduces the amount of time spent selecting and interviewing candidates.- the recruitment process software developers offering spontaneous online entry applications will offer enhanced applicant experience plus an optimistic relationship with your business.
  • it helps you to reduce the number of hard copies you receive from the applicants.
  • User friendly