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Paylocity by paylocity

At Paylocity, our mission is to elevate the profession of Payroll and Human Resources out of the back office and into the boardroom where it belongs. We do this by providing clients with the same caliber Cloud software solutions found in other critical areas such as Sales, Finance, and Operations.


  • Paylocity's cloud-based solution is flexible and scalable, allowing you to keep what works while providing the tools you need when your business needs them. 
  • Paylocity has pioneered a category of our own in the marketplace which combines the advantages of both In-house and Outsourcing solutions without any of the pitfalls of either. We deliver the best engineered cloud technology and pair it with an award winning service and support team. 
  • Our secret formula is that much like a software company, a significant percentage of our workforce is comprised of programmers and IT Personnel who deliver world class cloud solutions that are highly customizable. Their expertise enables Paylocity to give our clients the power to configure their business framework and crucial data anyway they like.