Panzura CloudFS

Panzura CloudFS by Panzura, Inc.

The Panzura CloudFS file system was designed from the ground up to provide cloud integration and NAS-like functionality in a transparent, simple-to-use architecture that scales across locations, capacity, and users. Tightly integrated with a unified namespace, this scale out storage solution is the core technology embedded in each Cloud Storage Controller. 


  • A globally-distributed file system that tracks both local and cloud-based file versions and locations.
  • A unified namespace interwoven with the file system that makes adding additional controllers or even additional office locations transparent and seamless, enabling local and global scale out that is both fast and non-disruptive.
  • Dynamic file locking that ensures that all files in the global file system are available to all users real time while protecting files from corruption due to different users trying to simultaneously write to the same file name.
  • Snapshots that are used extensively to update file status, namespace entries, and payload changes, enable user-managed file recovery capability, and provide inherent data protection and DR.
  • Full, fundamental cloud integration, making it simple and easy to experience the full range of benefits of cloud storage while avoiding the pitfalls that have traditionally hampered enterprise cloud adoption.