Panorama Necto 16 Suite
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Panorama Necto 16 Suite by Panorama Software

Panorama Necto 16 is leading a revolution in the BI world by providing users with automated insights. It is the first and only business intelligence solution that provides business users with automated insights on 100% of their data—including Dark Data. Necto 16 provides users with a smart, personalized and collaborative data discovery experience, presented via highly visual and dynamic infographics. It will give you the ability to connect data, insights, and people across your entire organization.

Today organizations analyze and benefit from only 10% of their data, while 90% remains unexplored as Dark Data. Most solutions in the market give users answers to their questions, which are based on the 10% of data that they know how to analyze. Necto takes it a step further and gives the users insights on questions they don’t have yet. By using patented algorithms, it pushes automated insights on one hundred percent of users’ data—including their Dark Data. 


  • Automated insights on all your data in just two clicks. 
  • Visualization with astonishing dashboards and simplified infographics. 
  • Suggestive and Collaborative: find the relevant people to a specific issue, connect with colleagues, discuss and share. 
  • Real time notifications: identify an issue and report about it. Add users to notifications on a specific cell level. 
  • Governed Self-service: easily connect multiple data sources. 
  • Unique Geo-analysis capabilities: multi-layer visual analysis on top os maps for location based context and insights.