Ordoro by Ordoro

Ordoro’s Unified Inventory acts as a central hub for all of your shopping carts and marketplaces, monitoring changes inventory as orders come in and products are restocked, and pushing updates out to all of your storefronts


  • Here kitting, kitting
    Ordoro features a built-in kitting engine that makes it easy to bundle products into kits.

  • Easy resupply
    Set up your suppliers and restock your inventory from right within Ordoro. Our Batch Supplier Setup lets you assign multiple products to a supplier or add new suppliers right from the Products page.

  • Stay on top of things
    Don’t just sync your inventory. Stay in sync with your inventory. Ordoro keeps track of your inventory costs as products flow in and out of your warehouse, and can export those costs as a CSV file you can import into Quickbooks or other popular accounting software applications.