Orbital Shift

Orbital Shift's employee scheduling by Orbital Shift, LLC.

Orbital Shift's online employee scheduling and time clock software will save your business valuable time and money. Access work schedules online, track labor expenses in real time, and communicate with your staff via email or text from virtually anywhere.


  • Orbital Shift's employee scheduling software will help to alleviate a lot of the stress and pressure with setting up and maintaining schedules. Save time and money with our easy to use online employee scheduling software.
  • Stop using pen and paper or a confusing excel document for scheduling, our user friendly interface makes the tedious process of scheduling simple and even enjoyable.
  • Access work schedules online from virtually anywhere via the internet or mobile devices
  • Easy Drag & Drop shift events allow you to manage your online schedules dynamically
  • Employee overtime and double booking alerts inform managers of staff scheduling tradeoffs in real time
  • Copy & Paste work schedules by job code to create employee schedules quickly and consistently
  • Confirm coverage of predetermined labor scheduling needs with our customized schedule shift templates
  • Decrease manager stress by allowing them to create and maintain labor schedules easier and in less time
  • Eliminate distracting phone calls by allowing staff to check their shifts and requests with our online schedule software
  • Spend more time with customers and less time on employee schedules, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Schedule events are time stamped and recorded, helping managers evaluate scheduling conflicts and disputes
  • Instantly view staffing reports and corresponding scheduling data, simplifying performance reviews and evaluations