Oracle Taleo

Oracle Taleo by Oracle America, Inc.

The Oracle Taleo Cloud Service enables enterprises and midsize businesses to recruit top performers with the right cloud talent skills, aligning them to key goals and performance while developing and compensating them appropriately. The industry's broadest cloud-based talent management platform, Oracle Taleo Cloud Service collects relevant information throughout the employee's entire lifecycle, empowering HR, managers, and employees to leverage their cloud talent to drive improved performance and business success.


  • Gain strategic talent insights with a single view of talent across all processes. Find, hire, and onboard the best talent available.
  • Align your people to organizational objectives, measure performance, and provide critical coaching and feedback every day.
  • Improve the quality of your workforce, help employees develop career paths, and create actionable development plans.
  • Build your leadership pipeline, deepen bench strength, and ensure business continuity.